Happy St Pat’s Day-2014

Hello everyone,

Wishing you a wonderful day on St Pat’s Day. I have a couple of things for you that are new. I hope all are having a wonderful day, it is COLD here and snowing again. Looking forward to spring when it shows up. :-) Both files have been re-uploaded!

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St Pat with Straw

St Pat with Straw


St Pat with Clover






Happy St Pat’s Day-2014 — 10 Comments

  1. Hi Margo (0:

    Thank you for the invitation to join your blog…wow, you did a great job.
    So much word you did put in to this blog, I am pretty amazed.
    I wish you all the best of luck to your new adventure.

    Love, Anette

    • Hi Anette,
      Thanks so much for your kind words about the blog. I was work, but I do enjoy working on the computer. Did you see my new web site? I have re-worked that also and even moved to a new server.
      Love ya

  2. Thank you Margo, I appreciate your gift, but for me it’s not a password problem but a decompression failure which I get on all of the search engines and computers that I have tried on. Just to check I downloaded a couple other designs and had no problem
    with them so for me it’s how you posted the designs that is making the failure.

      • Thank you Margo for doing this as it downloaded just fine …. unfortunately I have one problem I need pes format. I use Mac computers which can not support software to change the formats that you have up loaded. I really do appreciate your responding so quickly and trying to solve the downloading situation,it just doesn’t work for me but I did receive a couple of the other designs to try. Again Thank you,Linda

          • Thank you , I didn’t want to make more work for you but I do appreciate the fix to the download with pes included. We are still in the deep freeze, minus temperature wise, so it gives me a little more time stitching a few things up.

  3. These require a password to open? Could just be I haven’t had enough coffee yet LOL